Amanda Mitchell

Discipleship for me means family. My parents discipled me my entire life. They helped me memorize Scripture, encouraged me to read the Word for myself, and demonstrated a love for the Word in their lives. I watched them wrestle with their faith, struggle through incredible adversity, and remain fixed on Christ. They taught me, and now I get to teach my children. What a gift! Discipleship is constant, 24 hours a day every day. We disciple at the breakfast table when we read about theology. We disciple in the afternoons when we recall Scripture during a sibling argument or disobedience. We disciple in the evenings at dinner when we read through a book of the Bible. When we admit our faults, ask for forgiveness, demonstrate grace, and show our dependence upon Christ for every moment, we are discipline our children. I don’t know if I would take discipleship this seriously had I not been faithfully discipled by my own parents. But I’m glad I don’t have to know, because the Lord made them faithful to his Word in their parenting. And I pray constantly that He will make me faithful to His Word as well.