Connect Questions for May 16, 2021

1. Malachi 3:7 talks about turning away from God.  What are some ways you have felt distanced from God in the past?  What sins or circumstances led to that feeling?

2. As a child of God, what are some practical ways you can turn back towards God when you have turned away from him?

3. What were some Biblical principles of giving from the sermon this morning?  What are some other Biblical principles of giving?

4. If your finances are a good indicator of what we love supremely, what are you investing in most?

5. We see God’s promise to draw close to his people and bless them when they obey his instructions.  Share an example  of when you found that to be the case in your life.

6. What are the greatest blessings of God towards his people?  

7. Isn’t God good?